As a Foundation, we believe that football acts as a catalyst that brings people together.

Over the years, we have witnessed children turning up to play without boots and without proper footballs, relying instead on home-made footballs made of out plastic bags! The channelling of dedication, enthusiasm and sheer competitiveness is an amazing sight to behold. Through these football sessions we can help keep children from being tempted to take a wrong turn in life, for example, though involvement in drugs or theft. We help them keep fit and healthy, as well as encouraging a sense of pride in their achievements. More importantly, they experience a sense of camaraderie, of belonging to a worthwhile project and enjoying being part of a team.

Over the years, the Foundation has funded training sessions created by the coaches at Chelsea Football Club. Every year, equipment and football kits are gifted to a number of deserving schools and clubs. The Foundation also works with teams from the local police force to encourage links with local schools and community teams. It is through these initiatives that barriers can be softened, co-operation strengthened and a mutual understanding of law and order fostered.

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