Food & Clothes Hamper

Sometimes we just do not appreciate what it is like to have nothing

Not knowing what your next meal will consist of or when it will arrive. We help support families in the rural communities with food and clothes hampers. Funds are raised and these essentials distributed weekly to different homesteads as an interim measure to help in desperate times. It is important that homesteads do not become dependent upon these but instead see them as a helping hand while focusing on a plan to move forward. Hampers usually contain, in addition to other products, a bag of vegetable seedlings that can be planted and cultivated to eat or sell.

We prefer to purchase food and clothes from those local groups (cottage industries) rather than from national supermarkets. This benefits not only the recipients of these hampers but also the locals selling produce on the streets!

Would you Like to Help?

Gifts and donating can come in many forms, it is not all about giving money.

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